Online Giving and Year-end Gifts

Online Donations and Year-end Gifts

Donations to Simonton Christian Academy are the single most important source of funds for our school. Your gifts provide direct funding for educational initiatives that tuition alone does not cover. Outside donations touch every part of our school: faculty salaries, professional development, financial aid, classroom supplies and facilities enhancements. The generosity of our parents and community, positively affects each student in real ways, every day.

When Simonton Christian Academy meets its annual giving goals, important programs can continue and flourish, faculty salaries can remain competitive, and the school can continue to meet the needs of the operating budget. And, this can be done through a tax-deductible gift instead of a sharp increase in tuition. Parents, grandparents, alumni, school board, faculty, and community give to our school each year. We are thankful for all of our past donations and encourage you to continue to support SCA.

Ways to give:
1.Online- Click "Donate" below
2.By check, made payable to SCA

Simonton Christian Academy
 Attn: Annual Donations
 PO Box 490
Simonton, TX  77476


Maximize Your Donation
 Matching gifts are an incredible way to double, even triple your donation dollars to SCA through your employer. Many businesses have a certain amount of money set aside for donations and typically like to give to educational institutions and charities their employees are actively involved with. Your human resources department will have more information on how to go about getting a Matching Gift from your company.