July 2019   
Bible Search
3rd & 4th Grade
Teacher: Carolyn Schroeder





Welcome to Third & Fourth Grade

Fourth grade is a fun year that keeps us busy and actively learning new material. We have an excellent, well rounded, Enrichment Program that includes art, music, computer lab, science lab, and physical education.

The curriculum we use for third and fourth grade is always of interest to parents.  For English, Math, Reading, and Science, we use Bob Jones, which is a high quality Christian based curriculum.  In Social Studies, History of the United States, we use ABEKA, also, a high quality Christian curriculum.  Additionally, in fourth grade, we cover Texas history.  The materials are a cumulative collection of resources that cover Texas from the period of the native Indian population forward.

Spelling tests are given weekly.  I will be using words that are practical in everyday situations and relate to their school subjects or other routine things.  Pop Quizzes will be given randomly on easy words that students should already know; but allows me to see any common words that need extra attention.

A Bible verse will be assigned each Monday that is to be memorized and recited to me on the following Monday.  The student will need to know the book, chapter, and verse where the verse is found, as well. 

In Bible, throughout the year we will focus on excellence and obedience.  We will look at what the Bible has to say about this and talk about what God expects of us individually and as a school.



Carolyn Schroeder