July 2019   
Bible Search
2nd Grade
Teacher: Carley Kasparek

Welcome to 2nd Grade

Hello, I am Mrs. Kasparek and  I'm honored to be your child's teacher at Simonton Christian Academy this year. 


Bible:   This Bible series focuses on the foundational teachings from the Bible about the nature and character of God, the qualities of His people, and His church.  Positive Action Bible curriculumFinding God’s Promises:  Students will study the life of Moses through the Book of Exodus.  The promises of God will be evident as the Israelites and their leader see both victory and tribulation as they learn to trust God.

            30 lessons, spanning a week in length, with a specific lesson focus for each day

Scripture memory embedded in each week's lesson

Vivid, inspiring illustrations that bring Bible truths to life


Language and Reading:           BJU, Bob Jones Christian curriculum will be used:

English 2 emphasizes traditional grammar, such as parts of speech, sentence structure, and mechanics, and provides practice with essential reference skills. The English curriculum explains the step-by-step use of the Writing Process for eight different types of writing assignments, such as a friendly letter, a make-believe story, instructions, a book report, and more.  Reading 2 encourages higher-level thinking, emphasizes character traits and Biblical principles and truths, and helps students grow in reading comprehension with compelling stories. The two-volume reading curriculum includes familiar favorite stories as well as exciting new reading selections.


Spelling and Phonics:     Purposeful Design Spelling 2 curriculum is our spelling program consisting of 36 units.  Students will be given a test every scheduled Friday.  There are six review lessons throughout the year.  BJU Phonics Review curriculum will be used to achieve concepts vital to the mastery of reading.  

Handwriting:   BJU Handwriting 2 provides detailed direction for good handwriting techniques. Students will practice consistent letter formation for the PreCursive alphabet and transition to the cursive alphabet.  Student activities reinforce the basic material and enhance the handwriting curriculum.


Arithmetic:      Concepts taught in the A Beka curriculum Arithmetic 2 include counting, place value, addition and subtraction, money, time, graphs, simple geometry, multiplication and division, and Roman numerals.  Story problems are used to provide practice in using skills and facts learned and are based on concrete situations.  New material is built on prior learning and encourages students to think through new concepts.  Our workbook includes fun and intriguing themes including: the pond, transportation, children around the world, the jungle, workers and helpers, and camping.


Science, Health, and Computer Technology & Science Labs:   In science, Purposeful Design curriculum, second-graders will gain a deeper appreciation of God’s creation through scientific observation, experimentation, and analysis.  Health classes, A Beka curriculum, will have special emphasis on cleanliness, good nutrition, proper mental health, courtesy, and safety.  Scheduled science and computer labs will be held once a week. 


History:           BJU Heritage Studies 2 explores American culture in colonial times from Jamestown to the War for Independence. The text features colorful illustrations and discussions of colonial farming, shopkeeping, clothing, and also interesting information about kings and queens in Europe ruling at the time—all presented in understandable language for the 2nd-grade level.


Music, Art, and Physical Education:  Students will enjoy these enrichment activities throughout the week.