July 2019   
Bible Search
1st Grade
Teacher: Pamela Dee

           Welcome to the Wonderful World of 1st Grade...


       WELCOME TO SCA! We're glad that you chose to send your child here!

I have an exciting year planned! I can't wait for you to come and see what all is in store for us in 1st Grade!

1st Grade Overview:

Language and Phonics- Students will learn…

  • to write in complete sentences
  • Grammar rules
  • Capitalization rules (capitalize beginning of sentence, proper nouns, etc.)
  • prefixes and suffixes
  • rhyming words, opposite words, compound words, contractions
  • word analysis skills (decoding words)
  • build vocabulary
  • reading comprehension
  • spelling strategies

 Arithmetic (Math) - Students will learn…

  • place value; reading and writing number up to 4 digits
  • addition and subtraction fact families
  • Problem solving (choosing operation, missing addend, etc.)
  • money (counting coins up to dollars, adding money)
  • geometry (recognize geometric shapes)
  • logical thinking skills
  • graphing (learn bar and pictographs)
  • calendar (days of week, seasons, months of year)
  • measurement (rulers, half-dozen/dozen, weight, time)
  • temperature
  • fractions

Science- Students will learn…

  • Animal Life- mammals, fish, birds and insects
  • Movement and Machines
  • Human Body- teeth, bones and muscles, heart and blood, lungs and air, stomach and food
  • Seasons
  • Space

History- Students will learn…

  • Symbols of America (Our Flag, Pledge of Allegiance, Great Seal, American Eagle, Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam)
  • Freedoms of America(worship, speech, press and assembly)
  • People of American (pilgrims, great leaders)
  • How American has changed/developed and grown over the years
  • Historical sites around United States
  • Patriotic songs
  • Our World (“visit” countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia)

Bible- Students will learn…

  • God’s gift of Creation
  • God’s special promises to Noah, Abraham, Jacob and Joseph
  • God’s gift of worship
  • God’s gift of Jesus
  • God’s gift of friends
  • God’s gift of special blessings
  • Scripture Memorization




  • Tennis shoes need to be worn on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Coach Jenny has asked that we remind you and the students. She appreciates it, so that all can participate in P.E.