August 2018  
Bible Search
Pre-K 3
Teacher: Lynn Munn


Dear Parents,

Welcome to Simonton Christian Academy! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach

your child this year. I know it will be a wonderful year of learning and having great times


This year your child will be learning many things about God’s world, and will develop language

skills on a daily basis in our preschool class.

Each week the children will learn a new “letter of the week” with the help of special animal mascots.

Lessons, activities, and workbooks have been designed and prepared especially with your

child’s needs in mind.

Coloring, cutting, gluing, and painting will help develop the fine-motor

skills your child will need for future writing. Stories, poetry, and music will aid in the

development of comprehension, language, and thinking skills. Your child will also learn to

recognize numbers one to fifteen, and count from one to thirty.

The students will improve their

social skills this year by sharing, taking turns, and using good manners, all while making new

friends with their classmates.

In Bible, our first learning unit will be “God Made Me.” Throughout the school-year our class will

be introduced to many Bible heroes and learn about God’s love, and how they can demonstrate

His love to others.

You can encourage your child by asking them about their day at school and posting special

papers in a place of honor. Be sure to offer praise for the efforts they have shown!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions concerning your child. I am looking

forward to a great school year and am very excited to see all of my students succeed!


Lynn Munn